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So, i just saw that i passed the 2000 watchers mark this christmas aaaaand since i have no clue who Nr. 2000 was, i guess i better just thank all 2002 of you for watching. Again.
So, Thanks!

Also, as a reminder, commissions are still open. And still the same general (read: vague) pricing as here: Commissions are still open!
You got an idea, wanna know a definite price, just throw me a note and i'll try to tell you.
Just a quick note: If you accuse me of stealing art, at least check the date on the submissions i supposedly took from you - if the picture is older than your entire account, chances are it has not been stolen from you.
You can all rest assured that, should i ever manage to achieve practical time travel, i will only use it for really big crimes, not for grabbing other people's pictures on deviantart.
I wanna have more friend-safaris in Pokemon X/Y, soo..
My code's 4527-8748-6918- i got ground with giant pink seaslugs in it. And apparently some sort of camel-pokemon. Anyway, come on, people, share your keys!
Alright, i need some more cash-flow, so i've decided to try out doing actual commissions. Mostly ponies, probably. But i can do landscapes, too. Or random vector-stuff.

Commission-overview by Stinkehund
Commission-overview2 by Stinkehund

That's the style it'll be in, fluffy ears and all. The more ponies, the more detail, the more it'll cost (i don't charge extra for NSFW/Spooge) and i tend to charge 5€ per pony, per workstep. Paypal only.
If you're interested, got an idea and wanna know the price, just send me a note.

Or, if you just want to buy random things i already did, check out my redbubble store:
So.. apparently  :iconinfinitoa: has been hit by some sort of artists block and is feeling generally down. And i got kinda roped into sending some more people his way... so let's see..

Derpy - Shaded Vector by Infinitoa
Hi! I am Derpy! by Infinitoa
Hi! I am Derpy! [Alternate Version] by Infinitoa
Fluttershy being cute [with Hoody] by Infinitoa
EPIC HUG TIME! by Infinitoa

Derpy's and Lyra and PinkieDash!
Come on, encourage that guy - would be a shame if he stopped working now; imagine the cute we'd lose!
I know, i'm horrible with journals or even keeping up with my watcher-count - and i kinda missed all the important landmarks, like the 100th or the 1000th or the 1500th watch... and i'll keep missing them because that's just who i am.
But seriously, to all of you who follow me for my stupid pictures or who buy my stuff and get me some extra-bucks on the side - and not just here, but also those on furaffinity or inkbunny:
Thank you.
Thanks a bunch!
:iconaprilj0313: linked my stuff in a journal, so she gets a link back.
As does :iconfimvisible: - he translates Dash Academy into italian, among other things.

And that's that.
... yeah, i suck at making Journals. ^^