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And i even made a proper pricelist-picture:…

Some addenda:
- Payment upfront (either full or per workstep)
- Paypal only
- Payment in Euros
- More details = higher price (duh)
- The price includes every workfile created (.psd's, for example)

- Special requests and/or backgrounds are priced case-by-case; just ask for a quote

And as always, if you just want to buy already finished stuff as posters, shirts and whatnot, try over at:…
Been a year since the last journal, so let's do some updates:

- dA removed a couple of my older commissions for some reasons (a picture of Rainbow Dash now counts as an "erect penis", apparently), but honestly, it's dA and brainless censoring runs rampant here, so what's the point of even complaining. Same old, same dumb.
Anyway, In case you wanna see stuff that's NOT in my gallery here, just a reminder that i'm also on Furaffinity, Inkbunny, my pony-stuff's usually on derpibooru, e621, and so on and so on. It's "Stinkehund" everywhere. Also, no censoring there! Whoo!

- That "I'm... [Name]" series of designs will continue for a while longer; i got a looong list with ideas for it. It'll take longer between pictures, though, now that i have almost all of the initial designs done and out. Another reminder, you can buy those shirts over at redbubble. Also posters and mugs and duvet covers and all kinds of neat crap, really.

- Commissions are open, but i haven't updated the example-pictures in a while. The prices are still basically the same, 5€ per pony (nonpony characters might be more), per workstep. I'll try and make a proper Commission-Info journal in the new year.

Don't even ask. I'm open for art-trades, you can pay me for pics, you can even give me suggestions if you got a good idea - but i don't work for free, especially not for people i don't know and who's only dialoque with me involved a "Do you do requests?" Note. So don't do that. It's shitty behavior.

That's actually all of it, i think. No christmas picture from me this year, but "I'm... Cadence" is almost finished. So yeah..

Happy holidays and a happy new year, people.

So, i just saw that i passed the 2000 watchers mark this christmas aaaaand since i have no clue who Nr. 2000 was, i guess i better just thank all 2002 of you for watching. Again.
So, Thanks!

Also, as a reminder, commissions are still open. And still the same general (read: vague) pricing as here: Commissions are still open!
You got an idea, wanna know a definite price, just throw me a note and i'll try to tell you.
Just a quick note: If you accuse me of stealing art, at least check the date on the submissions i supposedly took from you - if the picture is older than your entire account, chances are it has not been stolen from you.
You can all rest assured that, should i ever manage to achieve practical time travel, i will only use it for really big crimes, not for grabbing other people's pictures on deviantart.
I wanna have more friend-safaris in Pokemon X/Y, soo..
My code's 4527-8748-6918- i got ground with giant pink seaslugs in it. And apparently some sort of camel-pokemon. Anyway, come on, people, share your keys!
Alright, i need some more cash-flow, so i've decided to try out doing actual commissions. Mostly ponies, probably. But i can do landscapes, too. Or random vector-stuff.

Commission-overview by Stinkehund
Commission-overview2 by Stinkehund

That's the style it'll be in, fluffy ears and all. The more ponies, the more detail, the more it'll cost (i don't charge extra for NSFW/Spooge) and i tend to charge 5€ per pony, per workstep. Paypal only.
If you're interested, got an idea and wanna know the price, just send me a note.

Or, if you just want to buy random things i already did, check out my redbubble store:
So.. apparently  :iconinfinitoa: has been hit by some sort of artists block and is feeling generally down. And i got kinda roped into sending some more people his way... so let's see..

Derpy - Shaded Vector by Infinitoa
Hi! I am Derpy! by Infinitoa
Hi! I am Derpy! [Alternate Version] by Infinitoa
Fluttershy being cute [with Hoody] by Infinitoa
EPIC HUG TIME! by Infinitoa

Derpy's and Lyra and PinkieDash!
Come on, encourage that guy - would be a shame if he stopped working now; imagine the cute we'd lose!
I know, i'm horrible with journals or even keeping up with my watcher-count - and i kinda missed all the important landmarks, like the 100th or the 1000th or the 1500th watch... and i'll keep missing them because that's just who i am.
But seriously, to all of you who follow me for my stupid pictures or who buy my stuff and get me some extra-bucks on the side - and not just here, but also those on furaffinity or inkbunny:
Thank you.
Thanks a bunch!
:iconaprilj0313: linked my stuff in a journal, so she gets a link back.
As does :iconfimvisible: - he translates Dash Academy into italian, among other things.

And that's that.
... yeah, i suck at making Journals. ^^